At Trissas we understand that your house is your home.

We can offer an extensive list of refurbishment ideas from a bathroom that may just need a makeover, a kitchen to be fitted or a full home remodelling project.

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Maximising Space

Let our London design team work with you to provide ideas on maximising your space, working within your budget and completing the works on time. Trissas won’t be happy until all the details are complete, it’s what we do.

Trissas can look after all stages of your refurbishment if required from design, planning, to the finished construction. Our fully qualified team adhere to best practices, excellent customer service and a professional finish. It’s what we are known for.

Take that first step and give us a call on 0207 686 8059 or if you prefer

Trissas are experienced in:

  • Designing your refurbishment
  • Planning the space
  • Providing sample materials
  • Advice regarding suppliers
  • Completing the works to your satisfaction.
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